KO Telehealth Interim Report

KO Telehealth is pleased to make the Interim Report available to partners and stakeholders. Key messages from the Interim Report are summarized in the areas of Access, Acceptability, Integration, Quality and Financial Impact.

"Our lives have been completely changed by the services we now receive over the network. Having telehealth care and also having secondary education services available in our communities is making us stronger as a people."

- Geordi Kakepetum, Executive Director

Interim Report

Appendix 1- Evaluation Framework

Appendix 2- Evaluation Manual

Appendix 3- Economic Model

Appendix 4- Figures and Tables

Appendix 5- Focus Group Integration

KO Telehealth would like to dedicate this report to Les Meekis (1946-2005). Les was instrumental in the building of the KNet Network during the SMART Communities project from 2002-2005.

Les achieved much during his time with Keewaytinook Okimakanak. He began working with KO as the Outreach Worker when he was offered that challenge and the opportunity to work for the people he loved. When the Smart First Nations demonstration project began he willingly accepted the challenge to take on the Community Manager position to serve the KO communities in this new venture. As the Community Manager, Les was responsible for planning, establishing, coordinating and evaluating support services for the local community programs and services being developed and delivered as part of the Kuh-ke-nah project. Under this project he worked with community leaders and administration to recruit and support local community K-Net employees. Les also worked with other K-Net staff coordinating the planning and overseeing of identified training programs for First Nation e-Centre Managers, Computer Technicians and the Multi-media Producers. He provided training and support and most importantly positive encouragement for all.

Les will be missed by all who knew him. He will be remembered as a role model for fighting to protect Nishnawbe Aski, the land and the resources. He was a true and honourable warrior who fought the good fight all his life!

Click here for a short video about some of Les' finer moments of sharing, teaching and laughing