Video eVisits

Video Visits

eVisits (Video Visits) enable patients to connect with health care providers virtually through secure video, reducing the need for an in-person appointment. Convenient for both providers and patients, eVisits (Video Visits) often reduce no-shows and save time and costs associated with travel. As of November 2019, the Home Video Visit pilot has expanded into the Direct-to-Patient Video Visit service, available provincially to all eligible physicians, health care providers, and patients.

How do I bill for video visits via Ontario Telemedicine Network?

OHIP Registration

Patient care through video visits is billable through OHIP. Physicians submit their bills for video visit consultations directly to OHIP. There is no cost to patients for video visit services.

As a Physician, when your application is accepted, OTN will forward an OHIP Registration form for completion, which is required to enable video visit billing. For more information on OHIP billing, get the details here.