Telemedicine Equipment






The telemedicine workstation used in the Sioux Lookout Zone includes the videoconferencing equipment and the following peripherals: an Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) Scope, a Stethoscope, and a Patient Exam Camera.

This versatile piece of equipment allows the telemedicine coordinators in remote First Nation communities throughout the region to connect to nurses, community doctors, or specialists anywhere in Ontario, and indeed the world! Once connected, the telemedicine coordinator can, for example, magnify a patient’s skin rash or wound up to 50 times, or show the patient’s ear drum so that the health care professional who is watching on the other screen has a very clear picture of what is happening with the client hundreds or thousands of kilometers away. With this equipment, the health care provider at the far site can listen to the patient’s heart or breath sounds. The result is improved access to primary health care providers and specialists for people living in remote First Nation communities.