Meeting the staff

Marney Vermette, Clinical Services Coordinator

The Clinical Telemedicine Coordinator (CSC) is a ‘Champion' of telemedicine within the region, promoting the use of the technology within the larger community and liaising with colleagues in both rural and urban centers. The CSC facilitates communication between referring and specialist sites to achieve seamless integration of telemedicine into everyday health care delivery. The CSC will be a resource as well as provide clinical supervision to CTC's at First Nations sites.


Wesley McKay, Scheduler for Education Events.

Booshoo, my name is Wesley McKay from Bearskin Lake First Nation, currently living in Thunder Bay. I work for KO Telemedicine as a scheduler for education events. Please let me know if you’re interested in joining us for any of our education sessions.

Heather Coulson, Program Development Coordinator


My job is to look at needs from the community perspective and connect with service providers that would like to use video conferencing to deliver their services in our remote communities. I offer guidance and support to ensure that the quality of the service matches the community needs. Often my position calls for presentations to be shared with stakeholders and management about the projects we are working on or what KOTM does to support the delivery of healthcare services. I write policy and procedures with awareness to community needs and community structure, which helps the service provider give quality services to the community members. I write proposals, roll out and/or over see pilot projects as well as community visits to ensure that the excellent services that we strive for are there and to offer support to community staff. Some research is required; hence utilizing the internet for information enhances my ability to look for information that helps community wellness. My position depends on a lot of partnerships ie; service providers that specialize in; mental health, physio, dental, wound care, to name a few, that are within our regional area and sometimes they are beyond. The most important partnerships are with our team, including all of KO programs and our communities that we serve. Working together we are able to do more than what we can achieve alone. With video conferencing we are able to bridge the distance to enhance services and support a holistic model of care