North Caribou Lake First Nation

North Caribou Lake First Nation

Though the First Nation's official name registered with the Indian and Northern Affairs Canada is "North Caribou Lake First Nation”, the First Nation is located on Weagamow Lake, thus also known as "Weagamow First Nation" or by the literal translation of the Oji-Cree word Waawiiyegamaa—"Round Lake."


Residents can trace their family line back to 200 years. Ojijak Crane, member of the Sucker Clan is recorded to have had three wives and 16 of which were sons around this time. Most of these sons grew up to a distinct group known as the Cranes. Weagamow Lake has long been a summer camping location for families who traditionally wintered at McKoop Lake, North Caribou Lake and Windigo Lake. These families became known as the North Caribou Lake Band when they signed an adhesion to Treaty No.9 in 1930.


Chief Pierre Morriseau Head Councillor Innes Sakechekapo Councillor Grace Matawapit Councillor Raymond Adams Councillor Jake Williams Councillor Paul Johnup Councillor Zebulon Kenequanash Sr.

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North Caribou Lake Band Office Organization North Caribou Lake Education Authority Organization Ontario Provincial Police Station Organization Early Childhood Development Organization Tikinagan Child & Family Services Organization Water Treatment Plant - Lakeside Building - North Caribou Construction Ltd. Business Weagamow Lake Five Bay Garage Business Weagamow Air Business Northern Store Business J & A Store Business D & A Store Business Jerry’s Store Business Agrippa’s Store Business

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