Kingfisher Lake First Nation

Kingfisher Lake First Nation

In 1808 the Hudson’s Bay Company established an outpost at Big Beaver House, which is located approximately 12 kilometres southwest of the present Kingfisher Lake reserve. Big Beaver House was frequented by Kingfisher Lake people for trading fur, community activity and freight hauling employment. In 1964 the leaders of Kingfisher Lake decided to establish permanent community and moved to the current location of the reserve lands. As Kingfisher Lake was already included in the Big Trout Lake Band and thus had reserve status, formality of gaining band status was achieved in 1975. Kingfisher Lake has a population of 500+ and the language /dialect is Oji-Cree which is a mixture of Cree and Ojibway. Developments have been established to ensure that the native language is retained. More than half of the community are able to communicate in English fluently.

Administration / Band Office

The administration building has been in existence since October 4, 1994. I was working in a finance department during this time.

Health Department
Nursing Station

The health centre was constructed in 1995.


1.The elementary school was constructed in 1973 with 2 classrooms. The school which now has 6 classrooms has been renamed as Mary Ann Aganash Memorial School and the gymnasium is attached to the school which was built in 1991. 2. New school playground 3.New store construction, beside it is the present small store 4. Water Treatment Plan

Economic Development Corporation
Community Events

Every fall, we have hunter’s festival. This occasion brings everybody together, young & old helping out in cooking and cutting up meat or filleting the fish.

Other Past Times
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