Cat Lake First Nation

Cat Lake First Nation

We have about over 500 people and the majority are younger than 25. The people get to ask questions at the general band meetings that we have once in awhile. It's a communities meetings. We have elders here that know how to do traditional stuff and once in awhile a medicine man comes to our community.

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We have a public school and a Christian school we do our fundraising so kids can go to field trips. We also have a Christian high school and We have quite a few young people out of community to go to high school. We are currently building up a school and doing many housing renovations and putting up a pipe line. We wanted to make a indoor rink too but that project is being delayed because of that evacuation in the summer.

Economic Development Corporation

We have 1 gold mine that we have shares and its been around since 1994 and excepted to be around for the next 20 years. The company that owns this mine called “paslterdome “and its based in Vancouver. Another gold mine is about to open down south which we will have shares too, this company’s name is “gold canyon "and it also based out of Vancouver.

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